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Quality Management & Workflow at Ski Detail:

Ski Detail believes in providing services to its customers that are high on quality. For this, Ski Detail follows a robust process, which ensures that the company provides quality services every time. The process can be broadly classified into the following stages:

  • Formalize (Project Planning)
  • Interpret (Process Definition)
  • Detail (Execution)
  • Check (Project Verification)

In the "Formalize " stage, Ski Detail’ trained engineers define the customer's project and the output desired from the project. Also, the team that will work on the project is formed.

In the "Interpret " stage, the process to execute the project is determined. The engineers analyze the project and devise solutions to address the customer's requirements and come up with a foolproof process to execute the project.

Once the process is finalized, it is implemented in the "Execution" stage.

In the "Check" stage, the output derived from executing the project is checked and verified. Then, the engineers check if the output matches the requirements of the customer. Finally, after the output meets all the stages of verification, it is delivered to the customer.